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Receive digi-mystical guidance regarding just about any aspect of your life googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1401793356990-0')});

Sometimes the answer to our worldly problems can only be found in consulting the otherworldliest of sources. To this end comes iluminapps' SourcererApp, which turns your iOS device into a supernatural object able to digitally channel mysterious and ancient forces in a quest to answer each and every one of your queries, no matter how quotidian.

In olden days, astronomers, navigators, and astrologers would have consulted an astrolabe; you can use this app's many dials and gears in a similar way. Once you have an intention in your mind ("What will happen to me in five years' time?" "Should I ask out the receptionist?" "Where can I find the Holy Grail?" etc), spin the wheels such that their categories and aspects align with your mind's eye. Alternatively, spin the randomizer button and receive the insight the universe deems most relevant for you in this particular moment.

The visual and audio design is soothing and professional (although it'll be a bit heavy handed if you're on an older device; make sure you've updated your version). The readings are all long, detailed, and fairly generic - so you can interpret them to suit your own needs as you please.

iluminapps' SourcererApp will be intriguing to those looking for a peek into the Beyond.

Developer's original description available here

The Sourcerer app is designed to turn your iPhone or iPad into a virtual object, one of mysterious and ancient origin, similar in nature to an astrolabe created and used in the medieval era by astronomers, navigators, and astrologers. Sourcerer allows its users to access inner wisdom and guidance via its many dials, gears, counters, and instrumentation.

Begin by holding an intention in your mind, one in which you are seeking counsel or affirmation. Begin to spin and turn the 3 main dials until their categories and aspects are a match to your inquiry. Sourcerer can be considered an oracle, a sage, an Instrument of Divination.

With this app you can:
• Give yourself and others a Reading anywhere, anytime.
• View the beautiful imagery and the messages associated with your inquiries, drawing forth higher-vibrational spiritual truths from within.
• Share your Reading with friends via the social media networks of Facebook and Twitter.
• Share your Reading with friends using e-mail.
• Save a Card to your iPhone’s Cameral Roll, and share using SMS text messaging.
• Browse through hundreds upon hundreds of unique Messages that will uplift, refresh, and give encouragement to continue forward in your higher state of awareness.
• Enjoy meditative and relaxing sound therapy with an originally composed soundtrack.

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Release Date: Jul 23, 2014

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