Real Parking 3D 2.5

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Real Parking 3D

A game about parking a car anywhere googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1401793356990-0')});

Real Parking is a game about, well, you know, parking, that nightmare for novice drivers and seasoned pedestrians alike. In addition, if you push things a little bit further as is the case, you get a game about spatial management, level-headedness and time. In the end, you drive an automatic car (hey, no European version yet?) and have to wheel and brake and park your black sedan in the most impossible places in the less possible time.In some levels you have to park in more than a different place and even struggle against AI controlled cars trying to crash against you or just roaming around to bother. In others there are speed bumps and other obstacles.Graphics are 3D, yes they are, but they couldn't be and nobody would miss them anyway because you can only zoom in and out, and not panning the camera or changing to 1st or 3d person views whatsoever. Likewise, it'd be great to drive different cars through the tens of available levels, or have more realistic scenarios with pedestrians and traffic and silly drivers putting pressure. It'd be great to play two players at once battling for the same spot, but that could be too much to ask for.A great game, anyway, as the score clearly implies.

Developer's original description available here

The world's best parking games!
Real Parking 3D Game!
World Best 3D Parking and Racing Game!!
Seen so far is not the most realistic Parking.
Actual and parking skills will be taught.
To do this, you want to succeed and parking a bit faster would challenge
Turn your parked in a fast time, the success of their new record

. Drag it to the center of the screen, you can move the camera.
. To go back to the place that if you turned the handle., please contact us.

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Realparking 3D is based on the Unity 3D engine which some antivirus softwares seem to misconstrue as a virus. This is a known issue with Unity. We can assure you that Realparking 3D is not a virus / malware.

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5 stars

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Publisher/Developer: Clius

Release Date: Jun 10, 2014

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