Zoo Defenders 1.5.0

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Zoo Defenders

Play this great tower defense game and enjoy its excellent graphics googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1401793356990-0')});

Zoo Defenders is a tower defense games featuring animals versus critters. Animals live happily ever after with regular meals, clean water and lots of commodities, but critters are very jealous.They will try to attack them and your beloved animals' task will be defending their home. How? Place defenders to keep unwanted critters out of the petting zoo, otherwise the zoo will be closed and the animals will have no home. As you advance through the levels, you will be discovering new features and the challenge will increase, making it harder for you to end the level with total health.Purchase your defenders with the money you earn. How can you earn tickets? three golden tickets when you finish an insane level with full health, two golden tickets when you finish the normal mode in full health or the insane on partial health. Finally, one ticket is earned when you finish Easy level or with partial health in Normal.Excellent design and graphics for a game full of features that is not original but extremely addictive and compelling. You will get addicted in no time and you will want to repeat the levels so as to get the higher possible score. 6waves is the developer of Zoo Defenders, a beautifully designed game, really fun and challenging, for both kids and adults.

Developer's original description available here

Monkeys throwing mud, chickens shooting eggs and rams laying massive head butts… sound like fun yet?! Do it all and MORE in ZOO DEFENDERS!

As the petting zoo animals tuck into their cozy pens, invisible eyes peer in from outside the gates. Why do those animals get to have it all? Regular meals, clean water, and most of all, adoring petting instead of shoos and shouts! It’s time for this petting zoo to get a little WILD!

Will the docile defenders rise up to defend their cushy lifestyle from an onslaught of bears, rats and evil yetis? Find out in Zoo Defenders – a brand new take on tower defense games, chock-full of humor and intense strategy.

This game is not only super cute – the gameplay is appropriate for all ages with different difficulty settings, campaign and survival modes, and a polished level design system to challenge even the most hardcore players.

• 9 completely unique, cuddly Defenders!
• 4 exciting upgrades for each Defender!
• 30 challenging and fun levels!
• Survival and campaign modes!

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Size: 20.17 MB


3 stars

Price: FREE

Publisher/Developer: Six Waves Inc.

Release Date: Jun 30, 2014

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